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At Environmental Air Conditioning Services, we design, install and maintain all types of wine cellar refrigeration equipment to fit your individual needs. We install only the finest equipment to keep your wine cellar cooling at the proper temperatures.

CellarMate is a self contained, easy to install wine cellar climate control system, incorporating features typically found in more expensive systems. It is exceptionally reliable and provides levels of security and peace of mind sufficient to satisfy the jost ardent wine collector.

Knowledge, coupled with the expertise of a well known manufacturer of high-tech cooling systems for computer environments, led to the development of CellarMate - unique in design, unparalleled in its ability to provide trouble free performance, ETL tested to 1995 UL/CSA standards.

Wine cellar climate control has roughly three tiers:

  • Tier 1 - Cooling System Only: Wine coolers are de-humidifiers; that's part of the natural cooling process. They will lower excess humidity, and keep it from going over the 70% range. Given a good vapor seal in the room's preparation, humidity will not go too low during dry months (mainly in winter; these seasonal dips will depend on geographic location).
  • Tier 2 - Addition of a Humidifier: Adding a humidifier to the cooling system can minimize seasonal dips in humidity level and maintain a more stable humidity level throughout the year.
  • Tier 3 - Addition of a Humidifier and a Heater: Adding both a humidifier and a heater gives the end-user pinpoint control over the cellar's climate, allowing very precise fine-tuning of both temperature and humidity. Few geographic areas actually require this level of precision to maintain cork safety. It is more for the end-user. And why not? A wine cellar is a fun and rewarding addition to the home, and the climate-control system is often protecting a very valuable collection of wines. Maximum control over that climate means maximum peace-of-mind for the customer.


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